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Peer review process

The selection of work is governed by an external peer-review system. The remission of originals implies that the text has not been sent to other magazines. The publication will bring the texts into line with the format.

The originality and the specific scientific input of the work shall be taken as a fundamental criterion for the acceptance of the article. In the case of the "to be reviewed" reports, the full anonymous report will be forwarded to the authors. When the report is unfavorable, the author shall be notified.

Copyright Notice

The submission and evaluation of the manuscripts received assumes that the authors claim to be original and exclusive owners of the copyright and the moral rights of the author. In order to avoid plagiarism, in the event of the use of works by others in the creation of the article, whether in whole or in part, the reference must be clearly stated.


The authors:

1. They shall retain their copyright and guarantee to the magazine the right of first publication of their work that allows third parties to share the work whenever its author and its first publication in this magazine are indicated.

2. Other non-exclusive license agreements may be adopted for the distribution of the version of the published work (e.g., depositing it in an institutional telematic file or publishing it in a monographic volume) provided that the initial publication is indicated in this journal.

3. They may disseminate their work through the Internet (e.g., in institutional telematic files or on their website) before and during the shipping process, which can produce interesting exchanges and increase quotes from the published work.

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