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The official languages of publication of Cuadernos de pesimismo: Revista de filosofía is Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Manuscripts must be sent in editable format, preferably Microsoft Word, by e-mail

In e-mail, two separate files must be attached: the manuscript without the author's name, and a document with the title of the manuscript, the author's name, and a brief academic curriculum (indicating name, title or academic degree, e-mail and institution to which he is currently affiliated). If your work is accepted, your format will be reformatted in accordance with the journal format.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts must have the following extensions: for research articles of 10 to 25 pages; for reviews, three pages; for translations, 30 pages; for critical notes, five pages. A page is to be understood in letter size, justified paragraphs, line spacing 1.5, Times New Roman font size 12 and margins of 2.5.

A page is to be understood under the following characteristics: 

1.  Letter size format (8.5 in x 11 in) 

2. Margins of 2.5 on each side

3. Garamond font size 12

4. Subtitles should be in Garamond 12 and bold 

5. English quotation marks ("") should be used when quoting within the body of the text

6. Justified and indented paragraphs

7. Text spacing of 1.5

8. Quotations should not be spaced and should be in 11 point font

9. Quotations should be indented only on the left side at 1.5

10. If a quotation is cut off use brackets [] and not parentheses ()

11. The footnote number must precede the period or comma


Moreover, we know that in all his writings Schopenhauer used only three times the term pessimism (Pessimismus) to refer directly to his own doctrine; none of these occasions appear in the work published during his lifetime1.

12. Footnotes should be written in Garamond font size 10, paragraph justified and single spaced. All footnotes should be numbered consecutively

13. If you start the text with a mote, put in italics at 11 points and with a left indentation of 6

14. Use the long dash (—) instead of the hyphen (−) or the minus sign (-)

Note: the pessimism notebook team can determine the publication of longer manuscripts in exceptional cases.

In research articles, and only in this format, the title of the manuscript should be followed by a summary of up to 200 words and a list of between 3 and 5 keywords. Both summaries and keywords must be in the language in which they are submitted, as well as in English.


The manuscript should cover: title and summary, text body, annexes (if necessary) and bibliography references, each on a separate page.


The notes should come in the letter Times New Roman size 10, justified paragraph, and simple spacing. You must choose the note mode at the end of the page. All notes must be numbered sequentially. 

MLA format will be used for this journal.

Authors are requested to strictly adhere to the manuscript format. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a manuscript solely for non-compliance with these rules.

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